Wednesday, February 2, 2011

iPeople Users Group!

Several of us have iPads, iPods, or an iPod touch. There are hundreds of wonderful educational apps out there, and even better, some many are free! Let's share our cool finds with each other! Provide the name of the app, what educational area or skill it helps with, and how much it costs. Then review the game or app for us! Tell us what you like about it or any problems or issues you have with the app. Do you think your classmates will like it? How about older kids or younger siblings? Remember to proofread and only use your initials.

Here is a screen shot showing free apps we'll be using on March 23.


  1. I would suggest fling. You have to use stratagy to gett all puffballs off the bourd. This game is hard to pass because you can only flin the puffballs certain ways. You use your finger to slide the puffball

    By E.S.

  2. Please remember to tell us if the app is free or how much it cost.

  3. Apps for iTouch
    1. Flashcards +
    It has decks you can customize to this week’s spelling words. Click on the deck and you can quiz yourself on words and their definitions
    2. BrainPOP
    It has everyday movies about science and it has quizzes you take whenever

    3. Math Drills Lite
    It lets you practice math problems and you can select operations

  4. I just found 3 apps, 2 are free, one is cheap.

    First, for $2.99 you can buy 100s board. It is an interactive 100s chart that helps you see patterns and work with relationships between numbers, multiplication, etc.

    Next, a very fun and timely game that helps you with ordering fractions, decimals and percents. It adjusts your playing level depending on how you do. Even better, it is free!

    Finally, a fun little drawing tool called Sketchbook O (as in Oprah). It can be as complex as you want but it is fun for drawing and you can layer. This one is free, too. I'd love to see your creations.